Preserving & Restoring The Lighthouse

The Old Field Village Hall may be one of the most unique in the United States: situated in an 154-year old glorious lighthouse with breathtaking vistas of Long Island Sound and Connecticut.  The full history of the lighthouse can be found under “Our History” on this website.

In 1935 the lighthouse property was conveyed to the Village of Old Field for “public park” purposes. However, after Pearl Harbor and the American entry into World War II, the federal government seized the property for purposes of national defense. A small Coast Guard contingent occupied Old Field Point. Following the end of the war, the lighthouse was returned to the Village of Old Field. As a result, the Village of Old Field remains responsible for insuring the ongoing physical and historical integrity and beauty of the Lighthouse.

As part of its stewardship responsibilities, the Village commissioned a survey from a team of architects who produced a report with meticulous evaluations and proposed budgets for maintenance and upkeep. The report, and subsequent follow ups, reveal the need for a major project to restore and renovate the building.  The Village is fully committed to moving forward, in an expeditious manner to meet its obligations.

However, the costs of the needed work is substantial and well beyond the capacity of the Village to fund out of its annual budget.  To that end, the Village has and will continue to pursue two sources of funding: (1) federal, state and local grants; and (2) an active fundraising campaign,

The Village notes, with gratitude, the creation of the Lighthouse Foundation, a private not for profit organization designed to raise funds to be turned over to the Village Board of Trustees which is fully responsible for overseeing all needed repairs and renovations.  The Lighthouse Foundation has formulated the following mission statement:

The Organization was formed in order to mobilize and provide resources, financial and otherwise, public and private, to rebuild, make capital improvements to, operate, and maintain the Old Field Lighthouse and make it accessible for visitors. The Organization intends to establish and operate a museum relating to the history of the Old Field Lighthouse, local maritime history, and the history of lighthouses generally, and to collect, own, hold, maintain, preserve, and make available appropriate historical objects and artifacts for public viewing. The Organization also plans to promote and support historical and cultural activities, programs, and events for the public.”

The members of the Lighthouse Foundation are:

Michael S Levine - Director, President
John Himmelsbach - Director, Vice-President
Thomas Cottone - Director, Treasurer
Adrienne Owen - Director, Secretary - contact email
Robert G Muller – Member

The Village Board of Trustees welcomes all residents to become involved in the effort to preserve and restore our precious lighthouse for the generations to come.  In the months to come, residents are encouraged to periodically visit this page to learn of the ongoing  efforts and ways for each of you to participate.

The Village looks forward to that day, hopefully not far off, when we can celebrate the rebirth of our Lighthouse!

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