Mayor’s Desk

Tom Gulbransen, Mayor

Welcome the Village of Old Field.

The gentle hills, winding shorelines, and shallow waters of Old Field reflect its formation as the moraine of lands carved by the leading edge of glaciers before they melted ~18,000 years ago. Old Field’s environs are recognized by state and federal authorities to be among only a small number of such pristine ecosystems in New York State. Fun ways to appreciate this special place are by listening for the hundreds of bird species that long-time resident Dr Charles Wurster observed during their migrations; or by taking a shoreline stroll to watch for the harbor seals that appear to be smiling as they rest on low tide rocks in Winter.

The uniqueness of Old Field is also reflected in how our community operates collaboratively as an independent Village since our incorporation in 1927. Indeed, the Village population of almost 1,000 neighbors is our greatest attribute. Our governance occurs via an elected Board of Trustees of five members, the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, the Environmental and Deer Committees, the Justice Court, and 20 part-time employees and agents.   Our local laws and ordinances are available online. We are all thankful for the numerous altruistic volunteers who quietly make up the fabric needed to keep us safe, informed, and responsive. The Village is responsible for five roads (Mount Grey Rd, Blueberry Ridge Rd, Conscience Bow, West Meadow Rd. and Old Field Rd). Private roads are taken care of by 15 neighborhood associations.  

The Village is fortunate and privileged to be the steward of many areas and thus insure our shared enjoyment. Our classic beaches are caressed by clean Long Island Sound estuarine waters and cool breezes. Our bays offer protected passages and interesting vistas for paddlers. Walkers can meander peacefully around Flax PondKaltenborn Commons and Whitehall Beach.

The gems of our Village’s stewardship responsibilities are the parkland and structures at Old Field Point.  The original lighthouse and the Keeper’s House were built in 1823.  Forty- five years later, in 1868, the current Old Field Point Lighthouse replaced the original lighthouse.   In 1910, the brick Oil Shed was constructed.  Today, the Lighthouse, Keeper’s House and Oil Shed uniquely reflect the maritime history of our region and, thanks to many years of advocacy led by Trustee Van Der Bogart, have been designated to the National Registry of Historic Places. We will soon need help from everyone to properly restore the Lighthouse as a sustainable beacon, a place for quiet reflection, and treasured seat of our Village government.

Thank you for your interest in the Village. Please know your help and participation are always welcomed.

Mayor’s Desk
Tom Gulbransen

Resolutions define a place as a village.
Relationships among neighbors create community.
Resources preserved for those who come after us become our heritage.

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