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Admittedly, it is quite a reach for a “silver lining” in the cloud we have all been under since March.  I have been astounded all of these months, however, with the number of runners, walkers and bikers on the move in the Village.  While Winter weather has dampened these activities, many continue to enjoy them.  The health related benefits - physical and mental - are undeniable.  The increased foot traffic has also provided opportunities for social interaction among friends and neighbors – safely and comfortably as their paths cross.  In addition, I’ve observed greater concern on the part of most drivers in the Village for the safety of walkers, runners and bikers they encounter.  Well, as they say “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” but I hope we can all look forward to an improving situation in 2021.

A hearty thank you to Joe LaRosa and his organization for an exceptional level of service regarding snow removal on Village roads in the first “Winter event” of the season.  His track record has been outstanding.

For any residents in the Village interested in holding office on the Village Board, early steps are in order in preparation for the election in March.  There will be two Trustee positions on the ballot.  The Village Clerk – 631.941.9412 – is your first stop for more information.  Please see the Constant Contact distribution dated December 21, 2020.  I, and I believe other members of the Board would be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to learn more about what is involved.

Enough from me – let’s take an optimistic view toward the Spring season and the promise of better times for all.

Mayor Bruce Feller


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