Building & Planning

Old Field welcomes and encourages home improvement, new construction and environmentally responsible site development within the village.  All permits are approved, reviewed, and closed by the Board of Trustees at their monthly meetings.  All planned improvements must adhere the Village Code unless approved otherwise by the board.

New permit applications should be submitted to the Village Clerk with all required supporting paperwork.  Applicants and/or their designee are encouraged to attend the monthly board meeting to support their application.


See link below to Zoning Board Application Form

Building Permits

Pursuant to the Village Code, a building permit issued by the Village Board is required for many types of new construction, interior or exterior alterations, construction, demolition, or restoration.  The following is a partial list of the projects for which a building permit may be necessary:

Addition of a structure
Alteration of a structure
Basketball, tennis or other court
Beach house
Beach stairway
Cabana or Shelter
Demolition of any structure
Dock or walkway
Driveway (new, reconstructed, relocated, different material)

Facade alteration
Fence (over 6' high)
Fireplace / wood burning stove
Guest house
Hot tub / jacuzzi / spa
Landscaping (clearing, excavating, filling, regrading)

Plumbing / heating / air conditioning
Pool House
Propane gas tanks
Retaining wall / revetment
Roof alteration
Shed (over 100SF)
Swimming pool
Tree removal
Wetland disturbance
Window replacement (50% or more)

Additional information concerning building permits can be found in Chapter 121 of the Village of Old Field Code and the Building Permit And Application Instructions .   All applications for building permits require the completion of an Environmental Assessment Form.  Under certain circumstances, an application for a building permit requires the submission of a Site Plan.

Please note that no work on covered projects may commence prior to the issuance of a building permit by the Village of Old Field.   Although the Village has the capability to process your permit rapidly, you may be delayed by other governmental agencies such as the Town of Brookhaven, County of Suffolk, or the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  Please see Code Enforcement & Public Safety for additional guidelines.


Site Plans

Pursuant to the Village Code, certain projects require, as part of the building permit application process, the submission of a site plan.  Additional information concerning site plans can be found in Chapter 121 of the Village Code and Site Plan Review Rules, Regulations, and Standards.

Building Inspector Office Hours

Old Field's Building Inspector, Joseph Arico, is available at Village Hall by appointment only, on Mondays from 4:00 to 6:00PM.  Appointments can be made via email at  The phone number to reach the Building Inspector directly is 631-941-9449.

Village of Old Field Code

Search or browse through the Village of Old Field's code and ordinanaces.


Instructions & Forms

 Building Permit Instructions

 Building Permit Application

  Site Plan Review Rules

 Environmental Assessment Form

 Insurance Requirements

  Zoning Board Variance Application

  Zoning Board Appeals Checklist

  Zoning Board Short Environmental Assessment Form

  Tree Zoning EAF Permit Application