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I am both flattered and humbled by recent election results in which more votes were cast than in any unopposed election in recent Village history.  Tom Pirro, running with me, was reelected Trustee.  Returning to the Board to serve as Trustee, Tom Gulbransen was elected by an equally unprecedented, resounding number of write in votes.  Now, of course, it’s on us.  We hope not to disappoint.

As many of you know, Mike Levine, having served with distinction as Village Mayor for over a decade, is now the leading presence on a Foundation focused on fund raising for the restoration/preservation of our iconic Village symbol – the Old Field Lighthouse.  Your Village Board obviously endorses this initiative through which all of us will be the beneficiaries.  I’m sure you will hear more from Mike about this shortly and I encourage you to support the Foundation’s efforts.

Returning to Village politics momentarily, it should be noted that a resumption of normal election scheduling brings us to the next Village election in about six months.  Two Trustee positions will be on the ballot.  I look forward to seeing the present incumbents again step forward for reelection.  Any Village resident, however, may run for these positions.   If interested, please contact Adrienne Kessel, Village Clerk, 631.941.9412, who will be happy to provide guidance on the nomination process and associated timing.  I, and I presume, other members of the Board would also be happy to talk to any interested residents to learn more about what is involved in serving as Trustee.  Speaking of our Village Clerk, she along with our Village Treasurer, Andrea Podolsky ,and our Code Enforcement team continue to bring their best efforts forward to serve our collective needs in the Village.  When you next have contact with any of them, consider a brief word of thanks for the job they do for us.

In closing, (if any of you have read this far), I would remind all residents and friends that “Two  Grey Achers” – 88 Old Field Road – remains open until further notice from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily for a stroll, change of scenery, or serious horticultural stuff.  No need to call ahead, unless you’d like a guided tour.  Children and leashed pets are especially welcome.  It promises to be a particularly colorful Autumn with spectacular Fall foliage displays through October.  Please come and enjoy.

Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me on Village matters of concern to you – E-Mail -, Telephone – 631.689.9498.

Mayor Bruce Feller


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