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Dear Residents,

As spring approaches, we can look forward to all the activities warmer weather allows. From gardening to walking and biking, there is much to enjoy in the outdoors. This is also a good time to check for any maintenance issues necessary for your home after the constant freeze and thaw of winter. The following is a list of the top ten suggestions for keeping your home in good condition and preventing damage and problems.

  1. Paint, check for flaking and fading
  2. Brick and stucco, check for loose or missing mortar
  3. Siding and trim, secured
  4. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and clear of debris
  5. Roof, check for loose or missing shingles
  6. Heating, have furnace cleaned
  7. Air conditioning units serviced
  8. Prune landscaping, remove damaged tree limbs
  9. Inspect driveways for sealing or drainage issues
  10. Windows and doors, check caulking and weather stripping for maximum efficacy

This winter was a test for all our roadways, from repairs to snow removal. The Village continues to monitor the recent roadwork repairs on our public roads to maintain optimum conditions.

The Lighthouse at Old Field Point has been a working lighthouse since 1868. Today, the Lighthouse also serves as our Village Hall. It houses the office of the Village Clerk, the Village Treasurer and the Constabulary. Although the light itself is under the care of the United States Coast Guard, the entire building is the responsibility of the Village. After many harsh winters, it has become time to assess the condition of the building. There are many repairs that are now necessary, such as the replacement of all the windows to promote energy efficiency. We have recently approved the research to determine the scope and cost of the repairs for the Lighthouse. We have also approved the services to research available grants and other funding opportunities including storm and shoreline resiliency to Village Hall upgrades. The first grant we have applied for is through the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, administered through the office of Senator John Flanagan, for $280,000. The Board approved in December 2016 a resolution for the commitment of $69,500 as the Village’s obligation toward this grant.

This will be a long term project, with all repairs prioritized for safety issues as well as historic preservation. Many of the original wood work features still exist, and it is the wish of the Board of Trustees to maintain as much of the original Lighthouse as possible. The repairs are also necessary to provide much needed energy efficiently and to comply with the American with Disabilities Act.

I recently followed up on the progress of a proposed dredging project for Flax Pond, and have written a letter to the Town of Brookhaven urging the approval of the project by the Dredge Project Screening Committee. Flax Pond, a tidal area, is an integral part of our coastal watershed and the Long Island Sound Estuary. It provides fish and wildlife habitat, with scenic beauty and open space while contributing to the safeguarding of our coastal resources. Without this project moving forward, Flax Pond would be in danger of being choked off and becoming stagnated with a resulting loss of all the wildlife and fauna that it supports. We will continue to track this important project until it is completed.

Wishing you a happy spring time.

Mayor Michael Levine


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