Boards & Committees

Much of the work of the Village of Old Field is performed by the following Boards & Committees whose members (all of whom serve without compensation) are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

The Planning Board

The Planning Board is composed of a chairperson and four members appointed by the Village Board for five year terms.  The main function is to assist in the properly and orderly development of land in the Village while preserving its special character.  The Board, in consultation with the Village Engineer, reviews applications for new subdivision plans.  The current members of the Planning Board are:

  • Brian Carmody (Chair)
  • Leonard Hamilton
  • Edward Kemp
  • Bruce Feller   

The Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of a chairperson and four members (plus one alternate) appointed by the Village Board for five year terms.  The Zoning Board of Appeals hears appeals for variances from the Village Code with respect to lot size, building area and height, set-backs, building use, and other aspects of land development.   Requests for variances must always be submitted, first, to the Village Board of Trustees (which by law is required to deny such variances).  The current members of the Zoning Board of Appeals are:

  • Henry Laufer (Chair)
  • Florence Kemp
  • Tom Taranto
  • Richard Sobel
  • Charlene Seifert
  • Edward Wimmer (Alternate)

Environmental Council

The Environmental Council is composed os a chairperson and six members appointed by the Village Board for one year terms.  The Council reviews building permit and tree removal permit applications for conformity with environmental regulations of the State of New York and Old Field Village.  The Council meets and conducts site visits on the first Tuesday of each month. The Council serves in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees.

  • Thomas Gulbransen (Chair)
  • Lee Lambert
  • Stephen O’Connor
  • Haig Sefarian
  • Jill Harkins
  • Margaret Sobel
  • Donald Pius
  • John Robinson

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is composed of three members appointed by the Village Board.   The Committee investigates potential ethical situations or violations arising within the government of Old Field.

  • Henry Laufer
  • Gail Habicht
  • Michael Levine

Ways And Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee serves as the social arm of the Village of Old Field.    The many volunteers on the Committee work to foster a sense of community spirit, pride, service, and communication.  All residents, including children and young adults, are encouraged to participate.  A number of annual social events (including the Winter Party) are organized by the Ways and Means Committee.  The following individuals chair the Committee:

  • Liz Bernstein (Co-Chair)
  • Debbie Powell-Rosenberg (Co-Chair)

Revetment Reconstruction Committee

The Revetment Reconstruction Committee works with the Village government in overseeing the construction and maintenance of the revetment at Old Field Point.

  • Henry Laufer (Chair)
  • Andrew Morrison
  • Don Pius
  • Stephen Shybunko

Lighthouse Committee

The Lighthouse Committee is committed to the continued restoration and preservation of the historic Old Field Lighthouse which was completed in 1868.

  • William Schaefer (Chair)
  • Bill Collins
  • Michael Levine
  • Andrew Morrison
  • John Himmelsbach
  • Marsha Laufer
  • Christine D'Allesandro

Port Jefferson Harbor Management Complex

The Village of Old Field participates with the Villages of Belle Terre, Port Jefferson and Poquott, as well as the Town of Brookhaven, in the Harbor Management Plan for the Port Jefferson Harbor Complex.  The plan was created in 1988 under State law to protect the water quality and coastal environment of Port Jefferson Harbor and Conscience Bay, and to regulate the use of these areas.  The five municipalities work cooperatively to address issues related to the use of protection of surface waters, natural resources, underwater lands, shoreline, and commercial waterfront.

  • Ted Rosenberg (Commissioner)

Storm Water Management Plan Committee

Old Field's Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) has been established to improve coastal water quality and to comply with new regulations from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Tom Gulbransen (Chair)

Community Emergency Response Team      

Old Field's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is dedicated to ensuring Village residents and officials are prepared to protect lives and property in the event of large-scale emergencies which might temporarily overwhelm the normal emergency services agencies, such as fire/EMS, civil defense, police and local communications

  • Tom Gulbransen (Chair)
  • Donald Pius
  • Michael Levine
  • David Paul
  • Ken Hirsch

Website Committee

The website committee is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the Old Field Village website.

  • Stephen Shybunko (Chair)
  • Bill Beasley
  • Michael Levine

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the publication of the semi annual Newsletter of the Village of Old Field. All residents interested in working on the newsletter are welcome.

  • Christine D'Alessandro
  • Margaret Sobel
  • Marianne Feller


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